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A registered MBE/SBE/DBE in multiple

jurisdictions throughout the nation.

For the past 41 years, when governments, businesses or organizations need someone to conduct call centers, produce bulk mailings, find personnel, manage documents or deploy special revenue enhancing technology services such as photo enforcement or tax or child support collections, they turn to Kidd International.  The depth of our relationship with our repeat clients confirms our competence.


Our mission is to provide integrated customer management solutions that enable our clients to build profitable lifetime customer relationships and provide exceptional customer service. We accomplish this mission by focusing completely on the needs of our clients and their customers while developing the core competencies to exceed expectations.

Business Outsourcing Services

DC Mayor

Sharon Pratt-Kelly faced a $500 million budget deficit in 1994.

Call Centers

Whether its collections, child support enforcement or customer service, Kidd International employees are simply the best.  We train them to be experts in assisting Americans in meeting their mutually agreed upon obligations.  We carefully select the right persons for the right job and support them with our 20 years of maturity in using evidence based  techniques that consistently bring the results we promised to our clients.  Our people are the core to our success. We

cultivate an environment of caring, trust

and growth.

Going paperless is painless.  We have automated systems which allow the documents to remain search-able after they have been scanned.  Perhaps the most important part of the process is quality control.  Its an area of expertise for us. In all of our contracts ethics is an obsession.

The Maryland Legislature changed its law, photographs had to be included with each EZ-Pass violation.  The number of documents required to issue a citizen transgression suddenly escalated. Overnight,  a mailing, originally just a few pages became dozens of pages with additional data required. This was a challenge. According to the original contract Kidd had 7 days to process a mailing that now only had to be signed sealed and delivered in 3 and sometimes 2 days.  Kidd International fully complied.  Our company culture allows us to succeed in situations like these all the time, every time.

Variable printing is when certain letters or add ons are included with a letter based on anything from zip code to income. It's something we specialize in as a value added service to our clients.


Kidd International

Don't be surprised when Kidd International brings unexpected value to our contract.  Its just the way we do business. Our clients have come to expect the highest levels of customer satisfaction, service and performance from our employees and you can too.


Our results are consistent and we pride ourselves in being dependable, loyal and ethical.


Our business has grown consistently across the United States.   Our success is based on providing excellent recruitment techniques, training and support.



Document Management/Bulk Mailing




In 1994 when the city of Washington, DC wanted to go to automated parking, they quickly needed a partner to write the book on automated billing.  They turned to Kidd International and our document became a national standard.


In 2004, when the State of Maryland needed a firm to to organize its new E-ZPass system, answer questions from the public and automate its billing and adjudication process, it turned to Kidd International, we have been servicing that contract with mutual gratification ever since.


We take full responsibility in all the functions and make it easy for you the state worker, the corporate employee, or the individual or organization that wants to reach thousands of people quickly and efficiently.


At Kidd International, we are a team that lives by our motto "a promise earned is a promise kept."


Our company’s success was built on the recognition of the skills and efforts made by each employee and our policy is to work with all members of this team in a friendly manner and treat each team member with dignity and respect.


Management will continuously work together with all employees for the benefit of our customers and suppliers in order to improve our competitive position, which will enable Kidd International to accomplish our three main goals:


1. To provide excellent working environments for all team

members at Kidd International.


2. To guarantee customer satisfaction by producing high quality

goods and services.


3. To provide an excellent rate of return for the investors.


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